Creating Money Ceiling Breakthroughs for Entrepreneurs


Upgrade your money mindset, ramp up the profits                in your business and start living the life you desire.

Bite-sized, but powerful, learning for women to help you smash through your money ceilings to earn and keep more money and create financial independence.

From money strategies, financial literacy, learning to think differently, exploring mindset techniques, creating empowering goals and developing helpful habits to gaining purpose and clarity in your life and business and believing you are enough.

Hi, I'm Jo and I'm here to help you build a healthy relationship with money, so you can earn the income you desire and boost your profits which will enable you to achieve financial freedom, i.e. start living life on your terms.

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No matter your current level of income you need to ensure that your money mindset is empowering and not hindering you.

The best time to start this money mindset work is before you hit 6-figures, but equally if you have managed to hit 7-figures you still need to ensure that you have solid foundations.

The 6-Figure Money Mindset Academy has online courses and mindset toolkits to help you develop your relationship with money. 

If you are ready to go full steam ahead, ready to create solid money foundations and continue building as you breakthrough every money ceiling that gets in your way, then Financial Goal Getters is for, whether you have the DIY version (training and supporting tools available to you in the membership area) or through one to one coaching. 

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