7 Ways to Help You Accept Your Flaws

Top Tips Blog - 7 Ways to Help You Accept Your Flaws
We all have flaws, so why do people have such a difficult time accepting their flaws? It's a fact of life. If you are someone who has been hard on yourself due to your flaws, you need to take a step back and re-evaluate that position. It's time to accept – and maybe even embrace - your flaws.

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The Magical Power of Imagination

Imagination Blog - The Magical Power of Imagination
The truth is imagination is a powerful thing that can affect multiple parts of your adult life - including your business and how you generate money. If you are struggling to find your way to financial freedom, with whatever that means to you, you may be surprised to discover that what you are missing is the power of a bit of imagination.

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Big Thinkers See What's Not There

Think Big Blog - Big Thinkers See What's Not There

Is your "right now" good enough? If it is, you're a fortunate person. But, unfortunately, most of us don't enjoy a current reality where we have everything we've ever desired.

A lot of us are looking for something more. It's not that our current situation is terrible. On the contrary, we appreciate what we have. It's just that we have big dreams and big plans. But unfortunately, we haven't figured out a way to turn them into realities.

Does that sound familiar?

It does for a lot of folks. So …

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Thinking Big Means Knowing When to Take a Stand (and When Not to)

Think Big Blog - Thinking Big Means Knowing When to Take a Stand

Getting involved in petty arguments will get you nowhere. It's a great way to stifle creativity and kill productivity. You see it happen in business meetings all the time.
One person pitches a specific approach. Someone else argues against that particular idea. Maybe a third person gets involved. An hour or more can be spent monopolizing the time of everyone in the room, and little progress is made.

Sometimes this is the way you come up with great ideas.

It's a great brainstorming tactic. You g…

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You Don't Have to Be Talented or a Genius to Think Big and Achieve More

Think Big Blog - You Don't Have to Be Talented or a Genius to Think Big and Achieve More

Do you know anyone that went from a big dream to a big reality? You've undoubtedly heard stories about big achievers if you don't know anyone personally. Many of them had a big idea and nothing more.

There are endless stories about the biggest names in business, starting with little to no money. Then, they had to spend every waking hour working on their dream and looking for financial backers.

They eventually found success. The fact that they started with not much more than a thought didn't ma…

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Thinking Big Really Means Thinking Differently

Think Big Blog - Thinking Big Really Means Thinking Differently

The next time you hear someone tell you to think big, look at it another way. Take the advice as a suggestion to think differently. Of course, two people may have different ideas about what thinking big means. Still, everyone understands having thoughts that are different from the norm.

When you think normal, typical and common thoughts, you'll create those realities. You have to think and act differently than you have in the past to create a different type of life.

You definitely don't want t…

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Why Thinking Big Helps Improve Your Money Mindset and, Therefore, Your Chances of Financial Success

Think Big Blog - Why thinking big helps improve your money mindset and, therefore, your chances of financial success
The ability to think bigger will help with many different aspects of your mindset;
It will help you be more imaginative;
Come up with new ideas;
Be more creative; and
Most importantly, help you achieve the things you set out to achieve.
When it comes to your money mindset, thinking big is the key to making changes.

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Do You Really Need to Think Big for Success?

Think Big Blog - Do You Really Need to Think Big for Success

Do you get tired of hearing people tell you that it's necessary to think big to create big results? Unfortunately, this advice seems to be everywhere. The stories of Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey and others are offered as examples.

Those and other highly successful people started with little more than a big thought. They had an idea about what they wanted to create. In many of these examples, there are fewer resources in the beginning. Money is limited or not present at all. Nevertheless, a big id…

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