Think Like a Child to Live Your Biggest Life

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Children have the biggest dreams. They respond with answers like "astronaut" and "superhero" when asked what they want to be when they grow up. Younger kids aren't poisoned with the limiting message they receive as adults, teens and even tweens. That message too often is:

Don't expect much out of life, or you'll be disappointed

Those exact words aren't usually stated. Instead, the message is delivered by the media, authority figures, parents, friends and coworkers. It's seldom verbally offered.

This "play it safe" idea is driven home in many ways. Since most people, young and old, are constantly throwing this message out there, it seems like good advice. Why else would just about everyone be saying the same thing?

Once it takes hold in a person's mind, it can lead to a life that's nowhere as fulfilling, rewarding and amazing as possible.

Become a Child Once Again to Think Big and Make Big Things Happen

A short, athletically challenged child will tell you he will play in the NBA one day. He's confident he'll play in the largest professional basketball organization in the world when he's older.

NBA players are much taller than average, with very few exceptions. They are highly skilled athletes. They often display their athleticism in early childhood. As a result, some of them were already growing taller than other kids.

The short, clumsy 6-year-old doesn't care. Instead, he will confidently and unabashedly tell you he will someday play for his favourite NBA team.

There are always exceptions that prove the rule. Sub-6 feet players show up every now and then. Some of them are exceptionally talented and have long, successful careers. But, again, that's rarely the case.

In the 2019 – 20 season, 529 players suited up for at least one NBA game. With hundreds of millions of males as potential players worldwide, you can see the odds of suiting up for a National Basketball Association team are terrible. They are stacked heavily against that 6-year-old with a dream.

When You Think Big, You're Not Concerned with Negativity

Dream like a child again. Think big. Don't aim low; aim high. You'll find that you're filled with positive thoughts of amazing possibilities. You don't entertain negative thoughts and small results.

That's one of the many benefits of thinking big

You've probably noticed that your mindset has created your reality in your life. So why not look at life as a child, fully believing that anything's possible? Without big thinking, big results never happen.


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