9 Easy Ways To Recharge Your Mind

Top Tips Blog - 9 Easy Ways To Recharge Your Mind

Your mind is constantly on - from when your feet hit the floor until your head hits the pillow. All the scurrying around with daily duties can drain you physically and mentally. Reaching for your device to watch some brain-draining videos is not always the answer. Here are nine different ways to recharge your mind that are simple and effective.

Get the Right Amount of Sleep

A rested brain is a recharged brain. The goal should be to get the right amount of good sleep. Experts suggest seven to nine hours is optimal for most. If you get less than six, you will find your mind fuzzy and decision-making skills taxed.


Physical exercise strengthens more than your body. The endorphins released during walking, running, or other activities leave you feeling great. Your mind is sharper and more positive, too.

Eat Healthily

Food feeds your body and your mind. Think about the sugar crash you have after eating ice cream. Not only does your body pay, but your mind can, too. Give your body the right foods, and you will find your mind thanking you.

Make a Moment for Meditation

Meditating will calm your mind since it causes you to slow down and focus. You find your purpose and enjoy a release of stress with each deep breath. When done, enjoy a rejuvenated mind.

Get Out Your Journal

Writing down your thoughts helps you put a busy day into perspective. It allows you to slow down, get that jumbled mess out of your brain, and decompress.  

Learn a New Skill

Another way to recharge your mind is to learn something new. Brains get bored with the same daily routines. Give yours something challenging like memorizing a poem or tackling a crossword puzzle. Building your memory muscles will make both your mind and you happy.

Go on a Technology Fast

Technology encourages us to always be connected. The effects are overstimulated brains in desperate need of rest. Social media can also affect your emotional health as you see ‘perfect’ lives broadcast before you. Give your mind the gift of a technology fast.

Take It Back to Childhood

Sometimes it is the simple pleasures that help you unwind. Remember laying on the floor colouring a giant bird or race car? You released your creativity (and stress) with each crayon stroke even as a child. Maybe it is time to reengage with your inner child.

Call a Loved One or Friend

Sometimes recharging comes in the form of a chat with your best friend. Talking about what is happening in your life helps you decompress and get a new perspective on things. You might even get some inspiration for a problem or challenge you are trying to solve.


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