9 Tips on How to Appreciate Life More

Top Tips Blog - 9 Tips on How to Appreciate Life More

Our fast-paced lives can quickly overtake our psyches, making us dread our day-to-day experiences and fail to appreciate our lives. It is possible to combat feelings of frustration and despair when you step back, switch your focus, and practice gratitude. An excellent place to start is with these nine tips.

Appreciate the Small Things

It is easy to appreciate the big things and overlook the small things in life. Build your gratitude habit by acknowledging there is nothing too small to appreciate. For example, look out your window and relish that you can see the sky with its clouds.

Find the Good in Your Pain

It might seem convoluted to think anything good can come from a painful past, but it is possible. Your experiences make you who you are. Look for those traits you developed through the troubled times of life, such as compassion for others in similar situations or quiet strength in times of stress.

Write Down the Reasons You Are Grateful

As you contemplate all the reasons you are grateful, record them in a notebook or on your phone. This way, you can revisit them when you are struggling. It is similar to a memorial and will help you refocus when needed.   

Give of Your Time

Investing in others is rewarding. It increases your well-being and makes you more grateful for what you may take for granted. Try to find ways you can volunteer in your community. Maybe you can tutor an elementary student in reading or visit elderly shut-ins.

Tell a Loved One Thank You

Sometimes you may find that you are grateful for something your mother or father has done for you. Why not share that with them? You might go about this by writing a thank you card or, better yet, give them a call.

Spend Time with Family

This tip can get tricky sometimes, but spending time with family helps you appreciate life. You can swap stories that can enhance and strengthen your relationship. Be sure you listen intently to your loved one and engage with the conversation instead of thinking about how you want to respond.

Live in the Moment

We often spend more time worrying about the future than enjoying the present. Why not stop thinking about tomorrow’s meeting and spend time engaging in conversation with your three-year-old? Life is too short to spend your precious moments reliving the past or dreading the future.  

Stop Playing the Comparison Game

We spend hours on social media looking at what others have and wishing we were them. Comparing your life to others leads to frustration and potentially depression. Embrace what you have and resist the urge to play the comparison game. You might need to limit your time on social media sites to win. It will be worth it in the end.

Make Self-Care a Priority

We may stop appreciating life when we become too busy and are overworked and tired. Think of a child that needs a nap. Even small things make them cry. The idea is similar for adults. Getting good sleep allows your body to renew itself and puts life back into perspective. Eating healthily and exercising also boost your mind, body, and spirit.


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