Are You Ready to Become Financially Confident & Set Empowering Money Goals so That You Can Earn More & Achieve Financial Independence?

Create a mindset for financial success, build financial confidence and attract wealth so you can generate and maintain the level of profits you desire, with ease.

Get on-demand training, tools & workbooks and (weekday) support from only £15 ($18) per month.

Discover and remove the blocks that are keeping you under-charging and over delivering, and from generating the income needed to live the life you deserve!

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You are tired of ....

  • there never being enough money in your life
  • being ashamed or embarrassed about your money habits
  • avoiding awkward money conversations
  • being constantly stressed and feel overwhelmed about money
  • being stuck at the same income level
  • feeling like you stalled in your business, or are even going backwards at times

But you are not looking to revolutionize your relationship with money and create the wealth and success you desire.

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You want financial confidence and to grow your wealth, so...

Here's what happens when you combine improving your financial know-how and transforming your relationship with money:

Sales Page Elements - tick  You control your money rather than it controlling you

Sales Page Elements - tick You show up in your career/business with more confidence and authenticity

Sales Page Elements - tick  You smash through your money ceilings for income and your net worth

Sales Page Elements - tick  You feel confident when it comes to making financial decisions

Sales Page Elements - tick  You create consistent income

Sales Page Elements - tick  You build a solid foundation for wealth in terms of money management and your mindset

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Hi there,

I'm so excited to share with you the trainings and resources to help you create a healthy and prosperous relationship with money.

I'll be sharing with you the very techniques and tools I used to go from my near divorce from money to financial confidence and harmony in my business where I generate money with grace and ease.

Now I realise that money coaching is not something everyone can afford to undertake right now.  Maybe you don't currently earn enough or you've already spent thousands on courses and coaching that hasn't delivered the results you need.  Or maybe you are, like me, someone who prefers self-study before obtaining one to one help.

If this is you, then let me introduce you to the Financial Goal Getters Academy - no secret hacks or secret formulas, just proven:

Sales Page Elements - tick Tools and strategies to up level your relationship with money

Sales Page Elements - tick Easy to follow information to help you work on different areas of your mindset, so you can find the ones that will unlock the wealth and abundance you deserve.

When you join the Financial Goal Getters Academy you get everything you need to quickly change the way you think about money, so you can achieve financial independence now and later in life. 

The Financial Goal Getters Academy is for two specific people:

The new or seasoned business owner or professional who wants to build their income to 6-figures and beyond with ease and grace.

The business owner or professional who is already at 6-figures but is still overwhelmed and is struggling with their money relationship.

Select Which Option Suits You Right Now:

(If in doubt which is best for you, start with the Prepare membership level, and upgrade when you are ready)

Prepare Your Money Mindset | 5 Powerful Self-Study Modules

£15 / $18

per month, with no tie-in

FGGA - Prepare - Features Roadmap

Open your life to the transformative power of a truly empowering money mindset and you’ll turn your dream of 6-figures into reality faster than you can imagine. By embracing these 5 self-study modules, you’ll be able to align your actions with your intentions in a way that sets you free like never before. Exactly what you want to hear when it’s time to reshape your future and live in abundance.

  • Create money goals while using the Sacred Money Archetypes®️ to uncover your money personality
  • Discover and unlock the Sacred Money Code as you manifest a future of wealth and abundance
  • Learn to connect with your money mind and practice mindset-changing techniques
  • Get exclusive access to weekly Money Date sessions so you can go further and faster


Amplify Your Money Mindset | Go Further & Faster when You Amplify

£33 / $39

per month, with no tie-in

FGGA - Amplify - Features Roadmap

Prepare your mindset, banish limiting beliefs and amplify your money voice in a way that makes a difference in the real world. From the moment you embark on this path, you’ll set yourself free to change the way you think about money, your life and your place in the money universe. Add this all together, and you’ll develop a unique ability to embed life-changing money beliefs into every aspect of your being and grow without limits. From the moment your mind learns to live with money, you’ll never be without it.

  • Includes all of the exclusive Prepare training courses so you can build your mindset
  • Connect with an exclusive video training program that will banish your money blocks
  • Life-changing hypnosis audios and EFT content you can engage with anywhere
  • Get exclusive access to weekly Money Date sessions so you can go further and faster

The Prosper Money Mindset | Achieve Financial Goals No One Thought Possible

£75 / $90

per month, with no tie-in

FGGA - Prosper - Features Roadmap

When you commit to thinking differently, you don’t just earn differently from the crowd — you live in ways they can never imagine. The Prosper Money Mindset membership is for anyone looking to stand apart from the crowd and earn money even when they’re sleeping with nothing more than the power of the mind. You’ll be making 6-figure goals look easy, pushing on towards 7-figure levels and beyond, and making it all look effortless. All you have to do is open your mind to the possibilities and engage with content that’ll instantly start to reshape your life. What more could you wish for…

  • Includes all of the exclusive Prepare & Amplify training courses so you can start fast
  • Build habits, techniques and strategies that actively welcome money into your life
  • Engage with courses, classes and coaching that empowers you to be more than you thought possible
  • Get exclusive access to weekly Money Date sessions so you can go further and faster

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions? Hopefully we have answered them here.  If not, email

Is there a minimum subscription period?

You can join for one month or stay as long as you like. No minimum term.

How long do I have access?

You get access to the content for the months you have been a member. You keep this access for as long as you have an active subscription.

Can I download the classes?

Only the ebooks, worksheets and workbooks are downloadable.

Will I be able to interact with Jo?

Yes absolutely! Join Jo in the weekly co-working 'Money Date' sessions

Is it right for my business?

The Financial Goal Getters Academy is designed with small-businesses in mind, whether they are just starting out or are heading towards or just surpassed the 6-figure mark. The best time to start sorting out your relationship with money is NOW, no matter where you are on your business journey.