Financial Fitness Journal 

  • Stuck in a financial rut?
  • Drowning in debt?
  • Unable to organise your money?
  • Confused about where your hard-earned cash disappears to each month?
  • BUT, you are now ready to take back control?

We're all guilty at times of impersonating an ostrich when it comes to sorting out our finances. And whether we have too much or too little of the lovely stuff, or we just haven't got a handle on it all, brushing our financial stresses under the carpet will catch up with us eventually.

So how about we stop neglecting our finance sand money muddles in their tracks?

The Financial Fitness Tracker will guide you through completing an initial assessment of your finances, and making a plan, with 12 months to track your income and expenses, keep a close eye on your budget and keep notes of how you think about money. 

Features - FF Journal (4)

Available in Softcover & Hardcover



UK Postage only

Softcover version of the journal

Financial fitness planner - online guidance notes



UK Postage only

Hardcover version of the journal

Financial fitness planner - online guidance notes

Included in the Financial Fitness Journal:   

Review your current financial position, including a spending review, create a debt reduction plan, savings plan, set your budget and crat your financial goals for the next 12 months. 

In each of the  12 monthly sections there are pages for:

  • Monthly budget and review

  • Income & Value tracker

  • Expenses tracker

  • Money mindset journal pages

Online financial fitness tracker guidance notes so you can get started immediately.

Monthly emails for the next 12 months, with new money mindset journal prompts.