You've created a fantastic new service for your clients, you are really excited to share this with the world. Then when it comes to launching, you are either completely stumped as to the amount to charge or you know the price you'd like to charge but are nervous about charging this price. 


You are not happy with your current prices and want to increase them. BUT you are concerned with how your current and potential customers will react to the new price or you don't feel confident in discussing your pricing.

Sound familiar?

You are probably thinking things like:

  • "I can't charge more than £x (insert suitably low figure), nobody else charges more than this!"
  • "No one will pay £x (insert your ideal price), so I will need to charge less than this in order to make any sales"
  • "I follow (name of influencer/mentor) on social media, and she has a huge following, and she only charges £xx for her program, and even though mine is more in depth and covers way more topics, I can't charge more than her!"
  • "If I charge £x (insert desired price), what about if people don't think it is worth that much once they've purchased!"
  • "What if everyone thinks my prices are too high?"
  • "My friends might think I'm getting too big for my boots, charging those kind of prices.  Who do I think I am to be able to charge such fees?"

Then you are left feeling:

  • Deflated
  • Insecure 
  • Anxious 
  • Not worthy

BUT you want more income coming into your business.  If it's a new service, you've spent time developing it, so you want to put it out there.  And you do BUT at a low price.  Worse still, you stall putting your offer out there to the world of potential customers.

Or perhaps if it's an existing product, you just increase the price slightly (for inflation!) or you leave it where it is.

Your result is not your desired income, you earn money, but it's only a small amount compared to what it could be.  Those that do buy your offering, don't participate as they don't see the value in what you have provided.  

You are now left feeling even more deflated and insecure.  

You are left wondering something along the lines of "If people won't buy at this low price, how can I get them to buy at a higher price?"

If all of this sounds familiar then the Improve Your Pricing Mindset (And Confidently Charge your Worth) is just for you.

It will put at end to all those negative thoughts and feelings from holding you back, and you will be able to reprogram your unconscious mind so that you can confidently charge for the value you provide.

Imagine if you were going to price your product or service for £147 and sold 100 units.  That's income of £14,700. BUT after banishing those pesky mind monkeys you were able to charge £297 for your product or service.  Your income for selling 100 units (in fact you'd probably sell more as you'd be able to confidently show the value that you provide), would be £29,700.

£15,000 more income, all because you worked on your mindset.

Of course, there is no guarantee that changing your mindset will bring in the extra sales.  You still need to go out and sell your product or service, but you would be selling at a price more reflective of the value you are providing.

This example is for illustrative purposes only, and results may vary.

What's Included:

Using affirmations to unlock your pricing blocks/limiting beliefs, you will then work on reducing the intensity of these beliefs so that you can work around them. 

Included in this module is a binaural beats hypnosis audio to embed the positive affirmations and change how you think about pricing.


Use the Charge More! Hypnosis recording to help you become comfortable with charging the true value of your service or product.

Subliminal audio (60 minutes) to help you confidently charge your worth.

Subliminal audios are your financial and business success cheat codes! (Well, they are a lazy method to reprogramming your unconscious mind - you don't need to do anything except press the play button.)

Let's look at your pricing scenario in a different way....

Researchers at the Institute of Technology in California found that the price of a bottle of wine significantly affected how much people enjoyed it.

In their studies, they provided all the participants with the same wine. They told one group is had a high price and another group that it had a low price. Those who believed that the cost was high, stated that they enjoyed the wine more and scored it higher than those who thought it had a low price.

You see the price tag directly affects how much we enjoy products and gain satisfaction by consuming them.

So if you are charging too little, you are actually depriving your customers of the chance to fully benefit from your service.

The hypnosis audio included with this package allows your mind to understand this concept and therefore allow you to charge a premium price for your products or services, that is inline with the great value that you provide.

Introductory Pricing Offer

The normal price of £75 for this package but is on offer (an introductory price) of only £49.  This promotional price ends at midnight on 22nd August 2021.

The offer is available in other currencies - Euro, US Dollar, Australian Dollar and Canadian Dollar (just amend the currency at the checkout).









Your investment for this package is only £75.

The offer is available in other currencies - Euro, US Dollar, Australian Dollar and Canadian Dollar (just amend the currency at the checkout).

A little summary of my money & mindset credentials ....

Let's go back thirty years, I trained to be a Chartered Accountant with one of the big 5 UK firms, and shortly after qualifying moved to a local firm of accountants and started working with small businesses.

I become the youngest (at the time) female partner in a firm of Chartered Accountants, before venturing out on my solo journey just prior to turning 30.

A couple of years later and I became an Independent Financial Advisor and mortgage broker so I could help clients with their personal finances. I started coaching in 2005, helping accountants in UK, USA & Australia to develop their businesses.

I became the youngest Chairman of a UK College, which undertook a £75million capital project during my tenure.

Money and I nearly got divorced. I hit rock bottom financially. Then I worked on paying off all my debts, and built a solid financial foundation, and worked on my emotions and beliefs around money.

Spent five years as a Finance Director, helping build a business from £350K to £3m in turnover.

Trained as a Sacred Money Archetypes® coach (money personality profiling), and studied with the Mindset Coaching Academy to become a Certified Mindset Coach (including an hypnosis practitioner, NLP coach and Time Line Therapy practitioner).


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Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis Audios:

How often do I need to listen to the hypnosis audio?

There’s no clear answer to this question, however repetition is the key to success. The simple answer would be until you achieve the results that you desire. But you will find the powerful positive message becomes even more powerful over time, and the recordings soon become part of an enjoyable routine that becomes part of daily life helping you sleep better and feel better over all.

When and where should I listen to the hypnosis audio??

Anytime you’d like except when driving or operating heavy machinery. A good time to listen is right before bed, and again as soon as you wake up. This twice per day method has the added benefit of beginning and ending your day with the intention and change you want to make in your life.

Can I put the recordings on my phone, tablet, etc. ?

With any audio recording that you have purchased, you can add the hypnosis audio recording to your music library and listen as you choose. Check your product manufacture guidelines to learn how to transfer music to your favorite device.

Do I need to listen with headphones, or can I use speakers or my phone's speakerphone?

For the general hypnosis recordings, this is entirely up to you. Some people prefer the privacy and sound quality of headphones, while others prefer the comfort of speakers or the convenience of their phone's speakerphone.

Some find that using speakers allows them to more easily drift off to sleep without having to remove headphones.

For the binaural beats hypnosis recordings, these are best listened to via headphones to achieve the full effect of the binaural beats.

Frequently Asked Questions About Subliminals:

Works best when ...

The recordings work best when you are tapping into an existing desire.  If you don't have a desire to change your prices, then using the subliminal audio to help you charge your worth is not going to be make much difference to your thinking.  Chose subliminal audios that are aligned to your current goal, and just focus on one goal at a time.

Listen to the audios for 21 days plus to see the best results.

How do I listen to subliminals?

Just click and play and let the subliminal audio do the rest.

You can download the audio recordings (MP3) and play from any device.

There is no need to listen through headphones, although some people do prefer this.  You can just play the audios as background music whilst you work. although if working it's best to be carrying out routine tasks that don't take too much focus and attention.

When is the best time to listen to the audios?

The mind is in receptive mode before or during sleep, making these great times to listen to the audios.

You can listen to them when you are awake, if you prefer.  When awake your mind functions with beta waves, but new information can still enter the conscious mind. It s receiving data non-step in any case! 

Can I listen to more than one subliminal per day?

Yes you can, although listening once a day, over a period of time will give you the consistency and repetition needed.

If listening to more than one subliminal recording, make sure that they are focused on the same goal (for best results).  For example, listening to the Charge Your Worth audio, then Become A Money Magnet audio are working towards the same goal of increasing the amount of wealth that flows to you.  However, also listening to a subliminal on weight loss, would dilute this focus.