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Get to know you wealth affirmation cards:

  • A specially selected set of wealth affirmations for anyone looking to grow abundantly
  • Clear limiting beliefs from your horizon with the Hawaiian Ho'oponpono healing mantra
  • Exclusive instructional card talks you through my proven 5-step approach to manifesting
  • Each card measures 7 cm x 12 cm and is professionally printed on a durable coated surface

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If you already have a business or are just starting out then you will probably have doubts about whether YOU can be successful. It's quite common to have such doubts. Being in business is tough, and the last thing you need is your mind playing tricks telling you “you are not enough!”

If this is you, then learning how to allow yourself to be successful will let you step into your radiance and create the business you are dreaming of. It’s that simple; you have the power to choose to be who you want to be.

This journal will be a great addition and companion to your business journey. In this journal, you will tap into the Law of Attraction and use the Ho'oponopono healing prayer to banish any limiting beliefs so that you can manifest the business of your dreams.

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